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Boarding Form

THANK YOU for choosing our Boarding Facilities! Our Boarding Facilities will allow your pet to be as comfortable as possible while you are away. Please feel free to contact us for a tour of our facilities at any time. Please do not assume your boarding arrangements are confirmed until we have contacted you to confirm the requested dates.

IMPORTANT: Boarding dates and arrangements are not confirmed until you have received notification. A staff member will contact you by phone or email.

ACAH offers pet boarding as a service to you. Although we maintain the highest standards in cleanliness and comfort for your pet, there is always the risk of disease transmission when you have large groups of animals together. Therefore, for every pet that is boarding we require:
1. Vaccinations that are current (within past 12 months) that have been administered by a licensed veterinarian.
2. For cats, the vaccinations required are an FVRCP and Rabies.
3. For dogs, the vaccinations required are a DHPP, Bordetella, Canine Influenza Vaccine and Rabies.
4. If your pet takes medications, please bring the actual pill bottles with you. DO NOT bring a pill fob with pills sorted into a certain day. For safety reasons, we can not use those for boarding animals.
5. If your pet receives a controlled drug for a medical condition please do not bring those medications with you. Leave them at home. In order to comply with DEA requirements regarding controlled substances we will provide those medications in house during your pet's stay.
6. We also need an emergency telephone number in order to contact you if problems arise.
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