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    10 Summer Safety Tips for Pets

    Aug 03 2023

    Summertime brings so many fun, outdoor activities that your pets can enjoy with you. It’s important to keep pets safe though, particularly with the extreme temperatures some areas are experiencing…

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    Celebrate National Mutt Day on July 31

    Jul 27 2023

    Mutt. Heinz 57. Mixed breed. No matter what you call them, mutts are adorable! But did you know that over 70% of dogs in shelters are “mutts”? Mutts make up the greatest number of dogs in shelters…

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    The top 10 fruit and veggie treats for dogs – and some to avoid

    Jul 20 2023

    Fruits and vegetables can make great snacks for dogs. They can be a great way to provide healthy, low calorie treats compared to many commercial dog treats, and they can help maintain healthy body…

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    July 15th is Pet Fire Safety Day

    Jul 13 2023

    In honor of Pet Fire Safety Day, on July 15, take some time to ensure that you have a fire safety plan in place that includes your pets. Make your home fire safe for your pets, and include your pets…

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    Cats in the Car: Tips for an easier trip to the veterinarian

    Jul 06 2023

    Getting your cat to your veterinarian may seem like an impossible task. How does your cat “know” when it’s time for the appointment? And how does your cat suddenly seem to have eight legs when…

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    Sounds of Summer: How to help your dog through thunderstorms and fireworks

    Jun 29 2023

    As summer swings into full gear, it’s a good time to consider the effects of the booming noise from fireworks and thunderstorms on dogs.   …

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    Friday June 23 is Take Your Dog to Work Day!

    Jun 22 2023

    Take Your Dog to Work Day was created in 1999 by Pet Sitters International to celebrate the companionship that dogs make in an owner’s life and to encourage people to adopt from local shelters. The…