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Laser Therapy

All Creatures Animal Hospital is excited to announce we now offer Laser Therapy!

What is it and how does it benefit my pet? Laser therapy is utilizing a laser, or light energy, to decrease all types of pain and inflammation in your pet. It can be used for acute or chronic pain and even to help kick start the healing of surgical incisions immediately post op.  This therapy is FDA approved and has been used in Veterinary and Human Medicine for almost 40 years.  It has been used by many major league athletic teams as well as in the Olympics on human and animal patients.

Laser therapy is exciting because of the number of animals that can benefit from it.  We see many injuries or medical conditions that will respond to the use of the laser and many animals have benefitted from it. The wonderful thing is that laser therapy can be used as an adjunct therapy in combination with many other types of treatment.  This gives hope of better pain control for all of our older, arthritic patients.  Laser therapy can be a sole treatment for other types of medical problems such as wounds, surgical incisions and ear problems.

Laser therapy does NOT require sedation and is painless and fast, most treatments are less than 10 minutes.  Even chronic patients will usually see improvement within three to five of the 10 minute sessions.

If you have questions about whether laser therapy is right for your pet, please contact our office